Marie’s Reviews

Marie is an honest and trustworthy lawyer. She is meticulous and thorough when going through case material. Marie fights to get what is in the best interest of arise in family court matters. I highly recommend Marie and intend on utilizing her for my legal needs going forward.

Richard, Child Custody Client

I found Marie to be very knowledgeable and professional. Her concern for my best interests were impeccable and I highly recommend Ms. Crossley.

David, Divorce Client

Marie Crossley represented me in a Motion to Show Cause matter in 2010, entailing a dispute with my ex-wife over her breach of our Settlement Agreement. Marie instilled confidence and detailed knowledge of the attorneys, judges, and procedures within the Family Court System in Delaware. Her professionalism is unquestionably of the highest caliber. I would not hesitate to retain Marie’s services again.

Alan, Family Law Client

Marie has been very involved with helping me get primary residence of my young son, Vincent. Due to a distance situation with Vincent’s father and the disagreement on what state my son would attend school in, I sought out Marie’s counsel. From the beginning she kept me up to date, including her staff, and explained how these cases work. I felt more than confident with Marie as my attorney when it was time to appear before the judge. She was able to prove to the court that my sons father and his witness were not being truthful in specific time frames, which I believe were crucial in winning the case. Marie maintained a calm, cool and collective stance when representing me and there was a very large visible difference if comparing attorneys. Ultimately I won and did receive primary residence of my son, and I couldn’t be happier. I received an email from Marie’s office and she also texted me with the good news. I would recommend Marie to anyone of my friends or family seeking this type of counsel.


I am a father who went through a divorce, PFA, child custody and child support. Marie was the fourth attorney I hired after feeling I had very little success in achieving fair results for myself and children through Family Court using the three other attorneys. After hiring Marie, for the first time in two years, I felt there was someone truly on my side. Her knowledge and skill was a refreshing change. She was very conscientious of the time she was billing me by either asking permission to work on specific items or by giving me time estimates for up coming events. Unfortunately, I did not hire her until the second round of custody/child support hearings and was happy with the results. I do feel I would have had better results if she had represented me from the start. I have referred close friends to her and will continue to hire her in the future if needed.


I did not hire Ms. Crossley precisely because of how great she is. I read so many great reviews about her that I really wanted to hire her. However, during our consultation, she told me that I had better chances of getting the results I needed if I were to hire an attorney in my county. I had no idea that was the case, but boy was she right! She even recommended the best attorneys in my county and put me in contact with them. I am now being represented by the best lawyers in my county thanks to Marie Crossley’s honesty and integrity. She could have simply let me hire her to get my business, but instead, she gave me the advise I truly needed.


Marie Crossley made all the difference in achieving a positive outcome to my divorce proceedings. I retained joint custody (50/50) of my three children and the financial settlement determined by the court (child support and alimony) was less than the proposal we offered pre-trial. The process was long and erratic with lots of exaggerated claims of wrongdoing on my part. Throughout, Marie was available, responsive and level-headed. She is an expert at what she does. She knows the law, the system, the opposing attorneys and the judges. She is open to negotiation, but only for a good outcome. She is unfazed by dramatic posturing, sudden changes and unrealistic expectations. She cared about me and my children as clients, not in a schmaltzy manner, but as a professional who knew the outcome would impact my relationship with my children and our financial well being for years to come. The divorce process is horrible for everyone, particularly fathers. Marie knows this; I am truly fortunate to have worked with her.


Marie was recommended to me, for legal help with divorce, by one of her peers whom I had worked with many years before. The recommendation turned out to be a great success for me. I was sued for divorce, and the substantial combined marital financial and property assets were primarily sourced by me. Marie expertly identified and assessed the marital assets that were affected, guided me through completing complicated legal forms and procedures, took the initiative with the opposing attorney to firmly state my position, all the while keeping me informed and up-to-date with progress and results. In the end, I was able to obtain a very fair and satisfactory financial settlement that allowed me to retain the bulk of my assets, and also permitted a cordial ending between the parties, which is something I identified early on to Marie as an important issue for me. Additionally, Marie’s legal staff also did a great job and I always felt comfortable and confident of success. I highly recommend Marie as a great resource to resolve family legal matters.


I hired Marie Crossley to represent me during a Court hearing that I had scheduled where I was requesting to modify my Child Custody agreement and relocation to another state where I could have more support to raise my two sons. Relocation cases are never easy but Marie did a very good job at showing the court that it was in the best interest of my children to relocate to live with my fiancé and I and his family since we had no support system here in DE and their father did not have a sufficient level of involvement in the boys lives. Many factors went into the outcome of our case but ultimately the judge ruled to allow the boys and I to move and put a visitation schedule in place that would allow their dad to still have frequent and meaningful visits with the children. I am very grateful for all the support and guidance Marie provided me during this case and I know the positive outcome we had will have a very positive impact on my children’s lives for years to come


I hired Marie after consulting several attorneys in Delaware (and even working with one). My child custody case was complicated due to jurisdictional challenges; however, Marie (and her team) quickly guided me to the right path. Despite the tight deadlines, she delivered high quality documentation which eventually led us to win our case. Marie is extremely knowledgeable, responsive and dedicated.

She is probably one of the best professionals I have ever met and I can vouch that she is the best attorney in Delaware for child custody litigation. She is also conscientious of the time she bills. I am very satisfied with her services and glad that was able to obtain results that are in the best interest of my child. High recommended.


Marie was great. I actually chose her based on a review like I am doing now. She is very informative, professional, and a great person. You would not go wrong choosing her to represent you. As a guy and not from DE I was not sure what to do after my ex-wife hired some high priced law firm. I’m very glad I hired her and would recommend her especially (like in my case) I knew nothing about how this all works. A true professional.


I used Marie for a divorce after 15 years. I ignored her tactical advice in the beginning which wound up biting me in the butt. Months later and after my financial deal was negotiated I had to fight against a BS Offensive touching Charge and convenient PFA. With two pre-teens in the picture this was extremely difficult. Marie however was a grounding force who really kept me sane in the process. Her guidance in hindsight turned out to be spot on. Marie is not a jaded lawyer through the years and is not your classic lawyer Pitbull to be clear. But do not mistake her easy demeanor as a sign of weakness. She has been around the block a few times and knows this arena extremely well. Although Rome wasn’t built in a day everything I needed came to fruition and my overall outcome was all that I could have expected. Her team and referrals to fight the criminal aspect of my case were vital to our success and without Marie I am doubtful that I would have seen the same success both legally and mentally. If you think your situation is hopeless or even that you are behind the 8-ball please see Marie and get some help. I assure you it will be the best money you spent since prior to getting married. 🙂


Marie worked with me to enforce my prenuptial agreement and move forward to finalize the property settlement. Throughout the process, Marie was extremely professional and focused. She described her plan of action and answered my questions regarding the pros & cons. I would highly recommend Marie Crossley.


Ms. Crossley was very professional, organized and top of things throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend her services to anyone interested.


Marie, handled my divorce and was very professional , knowledgeable and friendly to me. Could not ask for a better lawyer, she is the best hands down.


We sought Marie’s advice after facing a custody struggle with my stepson. She responded to our inquiries promptly and quickly put us on the right path. Since the issue involved multiple states, she maintained her professionalism and referred us to seek other attorneys when needed. Throughout this very scary and uncomfortable process, I felt confident in the decisions we were making.


From the very first meeting Marie was very upfront and knowledgeable about what my options were moving forward with my child custody case. She was always honest with what we could expect from the judge and I greatly appreciated her honesty. I would definitely recommend Marie to anyone looking for an attorney.


As an older male going through divorce and custody, I was very tentative/skeptical about attorneys. I searched and interviewed. If you’re looking for the best, Marie is it. Makes you feel important and is attentive to your wishes. She tells it like it’s is. She’s a fighter when needed but her demeanor otherwise is perfect.

Loved her. Would recommend her strongly. Tough to find the good ones.

Bob W.

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