Just as money can become a source of stress during a marriage, it also is a main point of contention during a divorce or separation.

Managing the disputes a couple may have over alimony and child support is a strong point of Delaware Alimony Lawyer Marie I. Crossley. She works closely with clients on all alimony-related issues, including Spousal Support, Interim Alimony and Permanent Alimony. She has a practical approach geared towards minimizing conflict while also insuring that her client is protected.

Dealing with the stress of an alimony dispute during or after the course of a divorce or separation is something that Attorney Marie I. Crossly understands. She has helped clients on both sides of an alimony dispute with skill, experience and compassion. She is ready to work hard for clients who are going through a Divorce, Property Division actions or on single issues that arises.

Initiative in Practice is the goal of attorneys at MacElree Harvey, Ltd., in Centerville, DE, where Attorney Marie I. Crossley provides clients with legal representation for Family Law and related issues. The firm serves clients in New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties with caring and compassionate legal services in the areas of Family Law, Divorce, Separation, Custody, Visitation, Child Support, Alimony and Protection from Abuse.

There is no need to struggle through a divorce or alimony dispute. Marie I. Crossley at the law firm of MacElree Harvey, Ltd., in Centerville, DE can provide the guidance and support you need. Put Attorney Marie I. Crossley by your side at the negotiation table and feel confident that you have an ally who is experienced and committed to your best interests and who will put all resources and skills to work for you immediately.

Call for your initial consultation with Attorney Marie I. Crossley at (302) 654-4454 for a specific and tailored plan to effectively manage your alimony issue.

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